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Owner: Sarah Fuchs - Austin, TX
Issue: Green horse with potential as a Hunter

their success story >>

Kemo Sabi, Pasha, Jumanah, Thoraya
Owner: Wendy Kheiry - Daharan, Saudi Arabia
Issue: Wanted to become a more confident rider

            their success story >>

Wendy and Pasha

Puerto D' Azur & Assorted Warmbloods
Owner: Spindletop Farm - La Coste, Texas
Issue: Pregnant and unable to work
            horses or give riding lessons

            their success story >>

Puerto D' Azur and Michael

True Liebe & Raphaela Valentine
Owner: Kay Skillern - Austin, TX
Issue: Valentine put under saddle, Liebe finished

            their success story >>

Kay and Liebe

Barghan, Angelus, Flint and Fetra
Owners: Debbie & Kevin Gibson - Saudi Arabia
Issue: Wanted to develop Portuguese School
            style of Classical Dressage.

            their success story >>

Debbie and Kevin

During his years of training and teaching, Michael has solved many problems, ridden many horses, and touched many lives... here are the stories of just a few of his current and former clients;

Hummer, Hot Wheels, & Tajma Hall
Owner: Kathy Graber - Austin, TX
Issue: Three young horses,
          each with specific performance obstacles
              their success story >>

Pazazz, Gidget, Larkspur Lad
Owner: Briana Caymen Graves
Issue: Loads of raw talent needing guidance
            their success story >>

Eclipse and Belle
Owners: Fern & Genoka Thomassy - Austin, TX
Issue: Start Belle and refine jumping for Eclipse

            their success story >>

Eclipse    Belle



Some photos courtesy Michael's students


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