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Barghan - Thoroughbred
Angelus - Thoroughbred
Flint - Australian Thoroughbred
Fetra - Anglo Arab

Where did you live when working with Michael?
Saudi Arabia

What riding discipline do you do most with your horses?
Classical Dressage and some Show Jumping.

Did you show or do you show now?
Yes, but only small local shows are available;
numerous second places in dressage and One Day Event class.

escribe why you began working with Michael?

We wanted to develop the Portuguese School style of Classical Dressage.


What have you accomplished or been especially proud of since your lessons with Michael, that you feel are specifically related to what he taught you?
Michaels teaching resulted in all of our horses going in a more relaxed manner and being very light in hand. Actually, all of our horses are ridden bitless and have good self carriage.

What one thing, that you find most relevant in your associating positively with your horse, did Michael teach to you?
What we particularly enjoyed about Michael was his open mindedness. Especially in helping in our endeavors to go bitless. The most lingering, yet simple instruction was "they can't lean on you if you don't give them anything to lean against"!

Anything else that you would like to add?
Michael was by far the best, both Instructor and Rider, that we have had in Saudi Aramco and we still regret his loss to the USA.

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